Dandelion (pgyer) — Publish and install apps over the air.


UPDATE: Here is a video demo, using the game “Flappy Bird” as demostration.

UPDATE: Apps will be installed when date is changed to 20th September. If you upload an unsigned app, it will be signed.

Dandelion can be used at pgyer.com

Have an app that was rejected from the App Store… or maybe you can’t afford to put it on the App Store.. then Dandelion is the solution.

Dandelion is an application market that uses the Apple push-to-iPhone manifest to deliver your app. Want to get started? Here’s how..

    Sign up to Dandelion using this link
    Enter your email, username, and password, also confirimg it in the box below.
    Once done, go back to the homepage and click the main button or go here
    Upload your .ipa file (signed or unsigned, depending on target audience)
    Enter details, such as app name, version number and add a description and screenshots.
    Your app will be given a custom link and be published on the application square

Here’s my upload of VK for iPad to test out: http://www.pgyer.com/vkipad

To install your app or someone else’s, just click the button on the page and wait for the popup that looks like this:


Once you’re done, you can enjoy your app

Here are some screenshots of VK for iPad running on an iPad mini retina on iOS 8